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Garage Door Safety

Staying Safe Around Garage Doors
A garage door may seem like no big concern but each year, many adults, children, and pets are injured or killed by automatic garage door openers / closers. Did you know that an older garage door can weigh more than 400 pounds?

Safety Tips
By following a few safety tips, you can make sure your garage door is working properly and prevent needless injuries:
  • Newer openers have a photoelectric beam that prevents the door from closing when the beam is blocked. If the beam is blocked while the door is closing, the door will automatically reverse.
  • If your opener does not have a photoelectric device, periodically check the door to see if it auto reverses when coming in contact with an object. To test the door, place a full roll of paper towels on the floor where the door would come to rest when fully closed. Close the door. The door should auto-reverse when coming in contact with the paper towels. If the door does not reverse or squishes the roll of towels, the opener will need to be adjusted. Consult your owners manual or have a qualified service person adjust your door.
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