City Code

Published by the authority and direction of the mayor and city council of the City of Roseville.

City Council Members

  • Daniel J. Roe, Mayor
  • Jason Etten, Councilmember
  • Wayne Groff, Councilmember
  • Julie Strahan, Councilmember
  • Robert Willmus, Councilmember

City Manager

  • Patrick J. Trudgeon
First codified in 1959 and revised in 1971, 1973, 1975, 1978, 1980, 1983, 1985, 1988, and 1990, and recodified in 1995. 


This city code of the City of Roseville, as supplemented, contains ordinances up to and including Ordinance 1621 passed November 7, 2022. Ordinances of the city code adopted after said ordinance supersede the provisions of this city code to the extent that they are in conflict or inconsistent therewith. Consult the office of the City Manager in order to ascertain whether any particular provision of the code has been amended, superseded or repealed. (November 18, 2022)

Available for Online Viewing

The following online version of the City of Roseville's Code of Ordinances is not the official version. The only official version is available through the city manager's office.

Recently Adopted Ordinances

The process of reviewing and incorporated changes to the City Code is called "codification." Because this process must be undertaken for each change, recent changes to the code are not incorporated immediately. The process of codification may takes place on a semi-annual basis.

After City Council-approved changes are incorporated into the official code of ordinances, the online representation of the Code is updated. Because of this time lag, a list of recently approved, but not yet codified, changes below.

Fee Schedule

Table of Contents

Title 1 Administration

Chapters 101 - Chapter 109
This section has nine chapters including Official City Code; General Penalty; City Officials; Personnel Policy; Indemnification; City Departments; Emergency Management; Public Hearings; and Port Authority

Title 2 Commissions

Chapters 201 - 208
This section has eight chapters including Planning Commission; Police Civil Service Commission; Parks and Recreation Commission; Human Rights Commission; Public Works, Environment and Transportation Commission; Ethics Commission; Finance Commission; and Community Engagement Commission

Title 3 Business Regulations

Chapters 301 - 314
This section has 14 chapters including General Licensing Regulations; Liquor Control; Amusement Devises: Areas and Gamerooms; Lawful Gambling; Christmas Tree Sales-Repealed; Cigarette and Tobacco Products; Construction Licenses and Bonds; Conversation Parlors; Massage Therapy Establishments; Miscellaneous License Section; Pawnbrokers and Precious Metal Dealers; Local Lodging Tax; Manufactured Home Park Closings; and Fee Schedule 

Title 4 Health and Sanitation

Chapters 401 - 410
This section has 10 chapters including Burial of The Dead; Solid Waste Collection; Recycling Collection; Air Pollution Control; Noise Control; Soil Contamination; Nuisances; Lawn Fertilizer/Pesticides; Residential Composting; and Coal Tar Based Sealer Products

Title 5 Police Regulations

Chapters 501 - 511
This section has 11 chapters including Animal Control; General Offenses; Weapons; Fireworks; Minors–Curfew; False Alarms–Security and Alarm Systems; Drugs-Controlled Substances; Unclaimed Property; Social Hosting; Background Checks; and Repeat Nuisance Service Call

Title 6 Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Chapters 601 - 605
This section has five chapters including Traffic Rules; Stopping, Standing and Parking; Bicycle Routes; Snowmobiles; and Motorized Golf Carts and All Terrain Vehicles 

Title 7 Public Ways and Public Property

Chapters 701 - 707
This section has seven chapters including Parks and Recreation; Use and Regulation of Public Waters; Use and Regulation of Public Ways; Construction of Streets and Sidewalks; Excavation, Grading and Surfacing; Urban Forest Management; and Right-of-Way Management

Title 8 Public Works

Chapters 801 - 803
This section has three chapters including Municipal Water System; Sewer Use and Regulations; and Storm Water Drainage

Title 9 Building Regulations

Chapters 901 - 909
This section has nine chapters including Building Code; Fire Prevention; Electrical Code; Plan Review; Swimming Pools; Building Maintenance and Preservation Code; Registration of Residential Rental Property of 1 to 4 Units; Rental Licensing for Multifamily Rental Properties of 5 or More Units; and Short-Term Rental Licensing

Title 10 Zoning

Chapters 1001 - 1022 
This section has 22 chapters including Introduction; Administration and Enforcement; Establishment of Districts, Boundaries and District Regulations; Residential Districts; Commercial and Mixed-Use Districts; Employment Districts; Institutional District; Park and Recreation District; Procedures; Sign Regulations; Property Performance Standards; Non-Conforming Uses; General Requirements; Conditional Use Permits-Variances; Administration; Amendments; Shore, Wetland and Storm Water Management; Erosion and Sedimentation Control; Parking and Loading Areas; Sexually Oriented Uses; Floodplain Regulations; Zoning Overlay District for the Twin Lakes Redevelopment Area 

Title 11 Subdivisions

Chapters 1101 - 1104
This section has four chapters including General Provisions; Plat Procedures; Design Standards; and Administration and Enforcement

Title 12 Franchises and Communications System

Chapter 1201 - 1207
This section has seven chapters including Electrical Franchise; Gas Franchise; Cable Communications Franchise; Wireless Communications System Franchise; Wireless Communications System Permit; Private Communications System; and Non-Exclusive Transit Stop Shelter Franchise


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