Safety Awareness & Self Defense


Thursdays, Central Park Gym    

Learn self discipline; improve your strength, balance and coordination. American Kenpo Karate is an innovative no-nonsense style of self defense known to be highly effective.Classes are offered year-round based on age and ability, with opportunity to advance to yellow belt and above.Shorts or sweatpants, and t-shirts are required.Uniforms may be purchased if desired, they are available for $30 anytime during class sessions. For ages 5 - adult. 

Reg $56, RV Res $48
Spring Session
Program #
Time Age/Level
2201.263 5:30-6:10pm 5-12 years - New students
2201.264 6:20-7:00pm 5 & older, Returning, 2nd degree white belts
2201.265 6:20-7:00pm 5 & older, Returning yellow belts & above
2201.266 7:10-8:00pm 5 & older, Advanced returning students
2201.267 8:10-9:00pm Teens & Adults
Summer Session
Program #
Time Age/Level
2201.268 6:00-6:40pm 5 & Older, New Students
2201.269 6:50-7:30pm 5 & Older, Returning students
2201.270 7:40-8:20pm 5 & Older, Returning yellow belts & above
2201.271 8:30-9:10pm Teens & Adults
Registration can be made in person at Roseville Parks and Recreation at City Hall, by mail or fax (651-792-7100), by phone at 651-792-7110, or by online registration.