Grill Safely

It’s a summer tradition, firing up the BBQ, beers in the cooler and instant fun. But before you invite your friends over, go through the safety list to make sure everyone stays safe.

Grill Location
Take precautions before starting the grill. Locate it away from any buildings, trees or shrubs that could catch fire. Select a spot that is away from foot traffic and from children’s play areas. Do not use a barbecue grill inside any building. Carbon monoxide can build up - with deadly consequences.
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Prohibited Locations

You can’t have a grill on a balcony or deck of any apartment or multi-family housing unless the building is all masonry or steel construction. You can get a permit from the Fire Marshal to allow BBQ grills that are affixed to a balcony and have a direct connection to the building’s electrical or natural gas system. Call 651-792-7341 to ask about getting a permit.

Grill Safety

When using a charcoal grill, check that it does not have rust spots or holes in the bottom. Only use lighter fluids designated for charcoal. Do not use gasoline.

When using gas or propane inspect hoses for wear or leaks before each use. After use make sure the grill burner controls are turned off and the valve cylinder is closed and the grill is cool before covering.

Decks & Patios

If you are partying on the deck or patio, check for loose guardrails or rotting wood that could give way if too many people are on your deck at one time. Cities have seen an increase in the number of decks becoming unsafe as they age. Decks and patios that were built 20 or 30 years ago often used nails rather than bolts to attache it to the home. Nails are less secure than bolts, and could pull away as the deck ages. We encourage you to have a private inspector check your deck or patio to make sure it is safe.