Pet Licenses

Get Animals Licensed

Dogs and cats in Roseville must be licensed. It’s easy to do, and it helps ensure your pet’s health and safety.

To license you pet, complete and print the license application (PDF) and mail or drop off  the application to Roseville City Hall. Include proof that your dog or cat has been vaccinated (and sterilized or microchipped if applicable). Include a check made out to the City of Roseville for the appropriate amount. If you are unsure of the amount or have questions, call 651-792-7000 during regular business hours and someone will help you.

Mail to:
Pet Licenses City of Roseville
2660 Civic Center Drive
Roseville, MN 55113

License Fees

2 Year Licenses
Lifetime Licenses
2 Year

Lifetime License         
2 Year Microchipped Only
Lifetime License Microchipped Only
2 Year Sterilized Only

Lifetime License Sterilized Only
2 Year Sterilized and Microchipped
Lifetime License Sterilized and Microchipped
If you have 3 or 4 dogs, you’ll need a multiple dog license (PDF) and written approval from at least 75% of your immediate neighbors.

Clean Up After Animals

City code requires pet owners to clean up and properly dispose of all messes left by your dog or cat when off your property. Animal feces can contaminate city lakes. Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pet.

Keep Animals on Leashes

Your dog or cat must be on a leash if not on your property. Your dogs can be off leash at the Reservoir Woods Dog Park located on the north side of Larpenteur, east of Dale Street. Dogs without leashes and dog owners can exercise on 2 soft trail areas. A portion of the area is handicapped accessible.

Stray Animals

Stray pets whose owners cannot be reached will be taken to St. Paul Animal Control (651-266-1100), 1285 Jessamine Ave. W in St. Paul, where they will be kept for a minimum of five days at the owner's expense. 

To report a lost or found pet, contact Roseville Animal Control at 651-767-0640.


  • Roseville police officers or animal control officers are not authorized to impound lost or recovered cats except when a citizen is unable to transport the animal, or when an officer reasonable believes the cat represents a public safety risk, or when a cat requires quarantine due to a bite, or in other circumstances approved by the police chief or their designee (e.g., sick, injured, abandoned, or in imminent risk of becoming sick, injured or abandoned, such as orphaned kittens, cats stuck in sewers, etc.).
  • Owners wishing to surrender cats, or residents concerned about outdoor cats that are apparently healthy should seek out nongovernmental resources (e.g., Animal Humane Society (AHS),
  • Did you know? According to AHS, a stray cat who is healthy and friendly likely belongs to a neighbor. Cats have a far better chance of reuniting with their owner when they're left in the area in which they were found. Unfortunately, less than five percent of stray cats brought into shelters are reclaimed by their owners.
For more information, please visit Roseville Animal Control.

Information about animal ordinances can be found in Chapter 501 of the Roseville City Code.