July @ The Rog

Sweet Rhubarb
Sunday, July 3
Monday, July 4 - Rosefest event
Global Adventures Series: Party in the Park!
Entertainment sponsored by Great Southern Bank

Songs of Hope
Thursday, July 7

Sunday, July 10

Global Adventures Series: Tropical Jubilee, 5-8pm
Sponsored by Genisys Credit Union

Cyril Paul
West Indies Soul Food
West Indies Soul Food truck is scheduled to be at Tropical Jubilee, with authentic Caribbean dishes and Southern Soul Food cooking. Follow them on Twitter, @westindiessoul. For a little dessert, the 9 Yum Yum ice cream truck will be on hand.

Tuesday, July 12

Thursday, July 14 - RESCHEDULED TO AUG. 18

Sunday, July 17

Global Adventures Series: Bastille Day Celebration, 5-8pm
Crepe and Cake food truck
Crepe and Cake food truck is scheduled to be at the Bastille Day Celebration, with savory and sweet crepes for sale. Follow them on Twitter, @CrepeandCake.  For more sweet treats, check out the 9 Yum Yum ice cream truck which will be on hand.
Cafe Accordion
Tuesday, July 19
Thursday, July 21
  • 7:00 pm:  Lee Engele and Friends (jazz vocals)

Sunday, July 24

Global Adventures Series: VIva South America, 5-7pm
Sponsored by Genisys Credit Union
  • Featuring Ecuador Manta (Andean Latin fusion music)
  • with Away Runacuna (dance group from Ecuador)

VIva South America flyer

Ec Manta
Finer Eats and Meats
Finer Meats & Eats food truck is scheduled to be at Viva South America, serving burgers and dogs, Philly steak, pulled pork, fries, potato salad and coleslaw. For dessert, the 9 Yum Yum ice cream truck will be on hand.
Tuesday, July 26
Thursday, July 28
Iny Asian

Sunday, July 31

Global Adventures Series: Journey to Asia, 5-7:30pm
Sponsored by Genisys Credit Union

Iny Asian Dance Theater presents, "Every Day is a Sunny Day"
  • 5pm: Act I
  • 6pm: Intermission
  • 6:15pm: Act II

Journey To Asia flyer

Asian Invasion food truck logo
Asian Invasion food truck is scheduled to be at Journey to Asia, with their eclectic spin on Asian comfort food. Follow them on Twitter, @AsianInvasionTr.  For dessert, have a treat from the 9 Yum Yum ice cream truck.