Dispose Of

  1. Electronics

  2. Garbage

    The City of Roseville has an open collection trash hauling system also known as “subscription service”. This means that waste generators contract directly with a waste hauler of their choice. The city does not provide or administer a garbage collection service. Residents and business owners can choose to contract for garbage services from one of the Solid Waste Haulers with the city. Contact the haulers for details on pricing and pick-up schedule.

  3. Hazardous Waste

    Many household products you use to clean your kitchen and bathroom, maintain your car and home, and control animals and insects contain hazardous materials. If a container has the words caution, warning, danger or poison on the label and still has product inside, it does not belong in the trash. Use Ramsey County's free household hazardous waste collection sites for safe disposal.

  4. Recycling

    The City of Roseville contracts with Eureka Recycling for residential recycling. If residents have questions on what can be recycled, or would like to request a different size bin, contact Eureka Recycling or call 612-NO-WASTE (612-669-2783).

  5. Yard Waste

    Residents can now bring their food waste and non-recyclable paper to Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites. For more information about what is accepted and locations see Ramsey County’s Yard waste site. Free compost bags can be picked up at Roseville City Hall, and/or at the Ramsey county Yard Waste Site.