Litter Free Roseville

Keep it Clean!

You can make a big difference in our community.
When you become a Litter Free Roseville volunteer, you choose your level of involvement, including a schedule that works best for you. Maybe you’ll commit to picking up a bag full of trash and recyclables each week as you take a neighborhood walk with your family or friends.   Maybe you’ll take an extra bag and pick up trash when you walk your dog. 
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You might organize your neighbors and spend a day each spring and fall, picking up trash in your neighborhood or at your local park. You might choose to join a crew and clean up a park, pathway or street.  Or you might want to do some of each.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get involved. 

Step One - Start seeing the impact litter has on the community, and make a commitment to make a difference.

Step Two - Pick your level of commitment.
  • Commit to make a difference on your own street. Pick up litter while on your daily walk. Make sure your trash cans and recycling bins are secured, especially on windy days. Keep a litter bag in your vehicles and dispose of any trash or recycling in the proper manner.
  • Commit to organize a neighborhood cleanup day. We’ll work with you to organize and provide gloves, garbage bags, and grabbers, if needed.
  • Commit to serve on the city’s litter patrol. We’ll identify areas with the greatest need and organize cleanup events throughout the year.
  • Commit to be a leader for one or more litter projects in the city.
Step Three - Complete and submit the commitment form and create a schedule that fits your schedule. Then get out there and make a difference.  

Why pick up litter
  • Meet your neighbors
  • Clean up the environment
  • Protect property values
  • Keep neighborhood attractive
  • Great way to get exercise
Kelly O’Brien, Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 651-792-7028