2016 Pavement Management Project


The City of Roseville manages a comprehensive Pavement Management Program which includes repaving several miles of local streets annually.  In 1986 Roseville began a program to reconstruct substandard residential streets. This program, called the Pavement Management Program (PMP), upgrades streets by neighborhood based on street condition.

In 2016, the City is planning to mill and overlay about eight miles of streets.  To see which streets are being repaved this summer please see the
2016 Project Map.  
The majority of the roadways will have the top two inches of pavement milled off, or removed, and repaved.

Spot curb repairs will also be done as part of this project but only where the curb is severely damaged and/or sunken. We expect that there will be very little impacts to driveways as part of this project. 

The cost of this project is funded by existing City funds. There will be NO ASSESSMENTS for this work within the City of Roseville.

Heinel Drive Watermain Lining Project

The majority of the city’s watermains were constructed in the late 1950s and early 1960s, utilizing cast iron pipe.  Over time the pipes have aged, the ground has shifted and cracks or breaks develop in the pipe.  The City typically replaces watermain pipes by open cutting the roadway and replacing the existing pipe.  Recently, the City has also been replacing watermains by a pipe bursting method.

This project will take advantage of Cast in Place Pipe (CIPP) watermain lining technology.  This lining technology essentially installs a new resin pipe inside the original water main without digging up city streets, which results in minimal disruption to residents during construction.  The liner pipe is inserted into the main through the existing pipe and cured in place with a heat process.  Service line connections are reopened using a robotic cutter and remote cameras.  The process has been around for a number of years.  This technology is very similar to the CIPP lining that the City does annually on the sanitary sewer mains.

The City has chosen to replace the watermain with this method due to the concerns with access along the street.  Replacing the existing pipe by open cut or by pipe bursting will require a considerable amount of the road to be excavated and limit access dramatically.  The CIPP watermain lining construction process only requires small pits to be dug at various locations and provides access to residents throughout the entire project.  The watermain lining project should be completed in 4-6 weeks.

The Heinel Drive Watermain Lining Project includes lining for approximately 2,000 lineal feet along Heinel Drive to address a section of watermain with a significant history of watermain breaks.

Project Schedule

See the Status Map to see the status of each street.
Week of September 25
  • Paving on County Road C2
  • Pavement Reclamation on Heinel Drive
  • Concrete curb removals on Heinel Drive and Farrington Street
  • Concrete curb replacement on Galtier Street and Farrington Street
  • Roadway grading on Galtier Street and Farrington Street
Week of October 2
  • Paving on Galtier Street, Farrington Street, and Heinel Drive

Project Segments Under Construction

County Road C2 – Western Ave to Rice St
Heinel Dr - Cul-de-sac to S Owasso Blvd
S Owasso Blvd - Heinel Dr to Dale St
Farrington St – Iona Ln to County Road C2

Project Segments Completed

Terrace Dr – County Road C to Dale St
Matilda St – County Road C2 to S Owasso Blvd
Galtier St – Iona Ln to S Owasso Blvd
Sherren St – Lexington Ave to Nancy Pl
Oxford St – County Road B to Sherren St
Sherren St – Cul-de-sac to Grotto St
Grotto St – County Road B to Sherren St
Cohansey Blvd - County Rd B to Bossard Dr
Bossard Dr - Cohansey Blvd to County Rd B
Western Ave - County Rd B to Sandhurst Dr
Sandhurst Dr - Western Ave to Farrington St
Farrington St - Sandhurst Dr to County Rd B
Owasso Hills Dr – Dale St to Western Ave
Hillscourte South – Owasso Hills Dr to Cul-de-sac
Hillscourte North - Owasso Hills Dr to Cul-de-sac
Hillsview West - Owasso Hills Dr to Cul-de-sac
Hillsview East - Owasso Hills Dr to Cul-de-sac
Highpointe Curve - Owasso Hills Dr to Western Ave
Highcourte Cul-de-sac – Highpointe Curve to Cul-de-sac
County Road C2 – Lexington Ave to Victoria St
Skillman Ave – Hamline Ave to Lexington St
Prior Ave – County Road B2 to Oakcrest Ave
Oakcrest Ave – Prior Ave to Fairview Ave
Highway 36 Service Drive – St. Croix St to Long Lake Rd
Wilder St – Eldridge Ave to Sharondale Ave
Sharondale Ave – Wilder St to Prior Ave
Skillman Ave – Cul-de-sac to Fairview Ave
Shryer Ave – Cul-de-sac to Fairview Ave
Ryan Ave – Cul-de-sac to Fairview Ave
Woodhill Dr – Hamline Ave to Lexington Ave

Contact Us

  1. Vance Campbell
    Project Coordinator
    Phone: 651-792-7046

    Luke Sandstrom

    Civil Engineer
    Phone: 651-792-7048

    Jesse Freihammer
    City Engineer
    Phone: 651-792-7042

    After hours:  If an issue arises after regular business hours, contact the City's 24-hour non-emergency number at 651-767-0640.  Always call 911 for emergencies.