2020 Pavement Management Project

2019 Pavem​ent Management Project

All major work for the 2019 Pavement Management Project has been completed for the year. Some minor cleanup and restoration will be completed in the spring.  Should you have any concerns about this project, please contact Abe Al-Qudah at 651-792-7046 or abe.al-qudah@cityofroseville.com.

2020 Pavement Management Project

The City of Roseville manages a comprehensive Pavement Management Program which includes repaving several miles of local streets annually.  In 1986, Roseville began a program to reconstruct substandard residential streets. This program, called the Pavement Management Program (PMP), upgrades streets by neighborhood based on street condition.

To see which streets are scheduled to be repaved and have utility work done this summer, please see the 2020 Project Map.  The majority of the roadways will have the top one and a half to two inches of pavement milled off, or removed, and repaved.

In addition to the street resurfacing work, some spot curb and gutter will be replaced.  All curb ramps for pathways will be upgraded to meet ADA compliance.  Additionally, some sanitary sewer services, water services and storm sewer repairs will be made.

The cost of this project is funded by existing City funds. There will be NO ASSESSMENTS for this work within the City of Roseville.


All work on this project has been substantially completed.