Variance Board Recap

Roseville Variance Board Regular Meeting

Unofficial report of the Variance Board meeting held December 7, 2016

Called to Order:

  5:00 pm

Board Members Present:

  James Daire, Chuck Gitzen, and Robert Murphy


Approved November 2, 2016, meeting minutes

Public Hearings

PF16-031: The Board approved a request by Stan Koch & Sons Trucking for variances to City Code §1006, Employment Districts, to allow parking and storm water management improvements on a non-conforming motor freight terminal at 2500 County Road C.

PF 16-032: The Board opened a public hearing for a request by Julie McFarlin for a variance to City Code 1017 and immediately closed it because the hearing was noticed but the proposed improvements were determined to be permitted by the pertinent zoning regulations, eliminating the perceived need of a variance.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 5:25 pm     
  Variance Board recaps are not official minutes.  We do our best effort to be as accurate as possible, but cannot attest to the complete accuracy.  Official minutes will be posted upon approval.