Wheeler St and County Rd D Reconstruction Project


This project was the result of a neighborhood petition received by the city in September 2012, requesting the permanent closure of Wheeler Street at County Road D.  At the October 10, 2016 Council meeting the City Council passed a resolution ordering the project which will close Wheeler Street at County Road D to vehicular traffic.

The reconstruction of County Road D and the closure of Wheeler Street is completed.  A new sidewalk and rain garden was installed where Wheeler Street was closed.  The rain garden and some tress were planted.  The driveway was relocated.

Final Assessment Hearing

There are no assessments associated with the road construction of County Road D.  There are assessments related to the Traffic Management Program project to close Wheeler Street.  The final assessment hearing for the Wheeler Street Closure will be held Monday, October 9, 2017.  Once approved, the pre-payment period for this assessment is from October 10 to November 15.  All assessments not paid by that date will be sent to Ramsey County for payment with next year’s taxes.