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Gas Drive-off Report

In 2014, the Roseville Police Department sent a letter to all fuel retailers outlining policy updates and new procedures for reporting gas drive-offs.The Gas Drive-off Report (PDF) is for businesses that wish to file a police report involving a gas drive-off with the Roseville Police Department. Please fill out all of the required fields before submitting the form.

The Department understands this type of call is both civil as well as criminal and encourages retailers to report no-pay losses to local trade association services for civil recovery or demand customers pay before they fuel. 

If a retailer opts to criminally prosecute the customer who fails to pay, the following criteria must be met before an officer will respond and investigate: 

1) The retailer must provide an accurate description of the suspect auto and license plate number.

2) The retailer must provide video/digital imaging of sufficient quality capturing the suspect vehicle's license plate registration and the suspect dispensing fuel.

3) The retailer must complete above listed Gas Drive-off Report.

4) The retailer must complete a copy of a Notice and Demand of Payment for Motor Fuel along with a copy of the certified mail receipt showing the 30-day waiting period has passed without payment.

5) The total fuel loss must exceed $50.

Without providing the above information, police investigative follow-up and criminal prosecution is nearly impossible. 

Continue to report drive-offs as they occur by calling 9-1-1. All calls are prioritized depending on the situation. When possible, officers will check the area in an attempt to locate and stop the offender and have them return for payment. 

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