Twin Lakes Parkway - Phase III

All major work on Twin Lakes Parkway is completed and the road and pathways are open for use.  The trail connection between Twin Lakes Parkway and Langton Lake trail is also completed.

Project Overview

This project is the third phase of the Twin Lakes Parkway project.  It involves the extension of Twin Lakes Parkway from Prior Avenue to Fairview Avenue.  Arthur Street will be extended to connect into Twin Lakes Parkway.  The new road extension includes one lane of traffic in each direction, pedestrian facilities on both sides of the road, storm water improvements, lighting and landscaping.  A new traffic signal will be installed in the intersection of Twin Lakes Parkway and Fairview Avenue.  Additional turn lanes will also be constructed at Twin Lakes Parkway/Terrace Avenue and Fairview Avenue.  The overall improvements will provide vehicular and pedestrian connections between Cleveland Avenue and Fairview Avenue which will help balance traffic in the area.

Location Map


Proposed Fairview Striping Plan