Planning and Zoning


The planning division staff administers the Zoning Code and assists residents and developers through the application process to bring developments, large or small, from concept to reality. For more information on the application process, read the land use decision process of how staff and the Planning Commission and City Council receive and review applications, and of how land use decisions are made.
Development Review Committee
Submitted land use applications go through an internal review by city staff prior to going before the Variance Board or Planning Commission.

Zoning Compliance Letters
Use this application form (PDF) to request a detailed zoning compliance letter for a property. If a formal statement is not necessary, the zoning designation for a property may be found on the zoning map (PDF) or by using the individual pages of the zoning atlas. General zoning requirements can be found in the Zoning Code.

FEMA Flood Insurance
More information is available at FEMA floodplain.