Private Hydrant Inspections


In 2016, the City of Roseville adopted an ordinance amending City Code 801.25 requiring private fire hydrants be inspected annually.  This ordinance enforces a section of the State Fire Code that requires all fire hydrant systems (public and private) be inspected annually and repairs be made, if needed.  All hydrants must be in working condition at all times.


In the first quarter of the year, property owners will be reminded of the annual inspection requirement.  The City will automatically inspect private hydrants unless the property owner decides to opt out of the program.  Inspection fees will be added to the utility bill for the property after the inspections are made. 

To opt out of the program, the property owner needs to send an email to by March 12, 2021, with the PID number indicating they would like to hire a contractor to perform the inspections.  Property owners who hire their own contractor to perform the work must submit an approved inspection form to the City before August 1, 2021.  Forms can be submitted electronically to

Hydrants not inspected by August 1, 2021, will be subject to inspection by the City with applicable fees assessed to the property owner.

Blank Inspection form


For questions about the private fire hydrant inspection program contact Public Works at 651-792-7004.

Private Hydrant Inspection Fees

Number of hydrants Fee per year
1-4 hydrants $75.00 flat fee
> 4 hydrants $25.00 fee for each additional hydrant