Mini-Camps for Creators, Builders and Thinkers

presented by Youth Enrichment League (YEL)

Varsity Builders Camp

1st-5th grades

Just right for LEGO® brick builders ready for a challenge, even discriminating LEGO® brick builders! Students will build a robotic DogBot, a motorized BugBot, a geared-up racer and a scary bat. They will then use these projects (and more) to investigate engineering concept. We keep it fun too, with open-ended, creative projects.

#1702.333 M-F Jun 19-23 9am-12pm Oasis $156

Robotics Evolution 2017

4th-8th grades

Focus is to prepare youth for participation in the FIRST® LEGO® League’s Animal Allies challenge. Teams will design, build, program, test and modify multiple robots using the LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 robotics system. They will then use their team’s robot to complete various challenges related to our animal friends, like delivering animals to safety, putting cows out to pasture, reuniting separated panda bears and more.

#1702.334 M-F Jul 24-28 8:30am-12:30pm Villa $156

Project Runway 

4th-8th grades
Make a swimsuit cover-up, mini messenger bag, ear bud case, and your own, personalized sewing handbook. You will learn the basics of hand sewing and machine sewing, as well as measuring, pinning and cutting patterns. No experience necessary. Dress up your summer with a new wardrobe that you made yourself! 

Parents: don’t forget to mark your calendar for the PROJECT RUNWAY SHOWCASE the last day of camp. 

#1702.335 M-F July 31-Aug 4 9am-12pm Acorn  $156

Pump It Up Pneumatics

2nd-5th grades

Investigate the power and design basics of pneumatics engineering as you build a robotic hand, robotic arm, stamping press, dinosaur and more, all using LEGO® bricks. Pump it up and feel the pressure of pneumatic movement!

#1702.331 M-F Aug 14-18 9am-12pm Villa $156

eXtreme MOBILE electroniX

1st-5th grades
Create a mobile juggernaut equipped with disc shooter, sirens, flashing lights and voice recorder. Make and take home your very own electric vehicle. You will build 20-30 projects over the course of the week and use those projects to explore basic aspects of electricity, including measuring ohms, amps, voltage, open and closed circuits and more.  

Parents note: we will only use DC current (batteries); no AC current (electric outlets) will be used. Safety is our first rule.

#1702.332 M-F Aug 21-25 9am-12pm Villa $156
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Register online, call 651-792-7006, fax 651-792-7100, or stop by Roseville City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Drive.