Volunteer Spotlight: Becky Galkiewicz

Type of volunteering:

Becky mainly volunteers for environmental projects in Roseville. She also volunteers for the Geological Society of Minnesota and for her church. She took classes to become a Master Naturalist in Minnesota to improve her volunteering efforts.

Her favorite thing about being a volunteer:

Since she was young, Becky has enjoyed learning about and being involved in environmental conservation and improvement. She spent 30 years working in environmental health, studying the influence humans have on the environment and the influence the environment has on human health. When she retired, Becky was happy to find opportunities to do hands-on work.
Becky Galkiewicz

Why she volunteers:

There's so much to enjoy about volunteering. Becky likes being physically active. She meets people from all around Roseville, as well as Roseville staff and consultants who help on projects and educate volunteers about what to do. Becky is thrilled to see the difference that the park volunteers have made over the past four years. She volunteers with a congenial and happy group of people who are dedicated and fun to work with.

What’s special about volunteering for Roseville:

Roseville is a beautiful town. Becky said it has been fun and satisfying to be part of improving her hometown and encourages others to join in. Volunteers are partners in the city's efforts and have a stake in town improvements. Together, we all make a difference.

Because she volunteers:

Thanks to volunteers like Becky and all the natural resources volunteers, they have made major improvements to the environment by removing invasive buckthorn, planting wildflowers, trimming fruit trees, harvesting wildflower seeds and other efforts.