Volunteer Spotlight: Nichole Singaram

Type of volunteering:

Nichole focuses on volunteer management. She tracks volunteer hours, helps with data entry, filing, mailings and other organizational projects throughout City Hall.

Her favorite thing about being a city volunteer:

Nicole loves being able to help others while doing something she really enjoys. Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Boggs worked with her to find a position that was a good match for her goals. Volunteering for the City of Roseville has helped Nicole achieve two important goals, preparing for the workplace and finding ways that she can give back to her community.
Nicole Singaram

Why she volunteers:

Nicole started volunteering as a way to get some on-the-job skills training. She enjoyed it so much that she plans to continue volunteering for Roseville. Nicole’s mother was raised in Roseville so she feels proud to be able to support the community.

Because she volunteers:

Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Boggs is able to devote more time recruiting and training volunteers than she would be able to do without Nicole’s help. Nicole has a bright personality and great sense of humor that motivates and inspires the Administration Department.