Occupancy Load

Safely Reopening Minnesota’s Economy and Ensuring Safe Non-Work Activities during the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency
Governor Tim Walz has issued Executive Order 20-56 which allows non-critical customer facing businesses to open beginning May 18, 2020. These Retail Businesses are able to open at 50% of "normal occupancy" as determined by the fire marshal. 

If you are a business owner or manager of a customer facing retail establishment, your occupancy load can be found in a few different places. 
- On your original blueprints from an architect or engineer
- On your original Certificate of Occupancy 
If you are not able to find either of those, we have put together a form to help determine your "normal occupancy". You can find it at www.cityofroseville.com/occupancyload

Below is information provided by the State Fire Marshal's office regarding the occupancy loads . Please note that assembly institutions and salons have different occupancy load equations than retail businesses.

Occupancy Load - Retail
Occupancy Load - Assembly 
Occupancy Load - Salons
Partitions - COVID

If you have any further questions please reach out to Emily Nelson at 651-792-7309.

For more information about the governor's Stay Safe Plan please click here