Partners in Energy Program

Partners in Energy Program

In July 2020, the City of Roseville was accepted into Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy Program. Partners in Energy, or PIE, is a program that supports communities by assisting them in developing and implementing energy plans. With Roseville being a part of PIE, the City can meet its energy goals and help residents and businesses in reducing their energy bills and carbon footprints. 

The PIE program is a two-year commitment. The initial six to eight months are dedicated to developing a strategic energy action plan through the Energy Action Team, and the remainder of the two years dedicated to implementation of the energy plan. Throughout the entire process, Roseville will be working closely with a dedicated Xcel Energy team that will provide guidance, education, and resources for City staff, businesses, and residents as they work to achieve energy goals by specific target dates.

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Energy Action Team

The Energy Action Team plays a pivotal role in the PIE program. This team is comprised of a handful of local leaders, business owners, and residents that dedicate time over the course of six months to work with one another to outline energy goals and plans. With the guidance of Xcel Energy, the Energy Action Team serves as a key stakeholder group for the planning and implementation of Roseville’s Energy Action Plan. Find an application to apply for the Energy Action Team here.

Member Commitments & Duties

  • Team members must be able to attend three to five facilitated workshops over six months.
  • Meetings start in November 2020 and occur approximately every six weeks (meeting dates will be determined after the first meeting is set).
  • Depending on membership composition, commitment levels, and COVID-19, one focus group meeting for targeted engagement may be added or replace a workshop.
  • Workshops and meetings will be professionally facilitated by Xcel Energy and PIE staff.
  • All meetings and workshops will be held virtually due to current COVID-19 guidelines. 
  • Team members are expected to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the team to help Roseville develop an energy vision, goals, priorities, and actions that represent the diverse interests within Roseville. These perspectives result in the creation of a strategic energy action plan on behalf of the entire Roseville community.
  • Once the energy action plan is developed and received by the City Council, the Energy Action Team will be disbanded and the City will move into Phase 2 of the PIE program. 

Member Selection Criteria

Roseville conducted an open application process with a targeted approach to promote equity and enhance diversity in perspectives and experiences within the City. Roseville values having a variety of key stakeholders from different sectors on the Energy Action Team, as this will greatly influence energy production and consumption in the community. Any Roseville resident or employee of a business or organization is encouraged to apply. The City ideally will have the following representation on the Energy Action Team:

  • 2 – 3 residents
  • 2  members from City Boards and Commissions 
  • 2 members from the business community
  • 4-5 members from the community sector, including:  Schools; community-based organizations; faith-based organizations; youth and seniors; refugee group; and Chamber of Commerce
  • 1 Xcel Energy
  • 1 City staff

Selection Process

A committee of Roseville staff will review applications and select up to 15 members based on the above criteria.
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