Ramsey County Ditch 4 (RCD 4) Project

RCD 4 Project

In 2021, the City of Roseville and Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) replaced Ramsey County Ditch 4 (RCD 4) with a new storm sewer pipe. RCWD was the old owner of the drainage system which was transferred to the City upon the completion of the storm sewer installation project.  RCD 4 was comprised of an open channel between County Road C and Terrace Drive. In some locations the open channel bottom was nearly twenty feet lower than the surrounding area, with steep side slopes.  Due to the numerous maintenance issues with the existing ditch, the old open channel ditch was converted to an 84” diameter pipe storm sewer system.  The conversion allowed the City to better utilize the corridor to connect County Road C to Terrace Drive by constructing the Twin Lakes Trail.  There were also numerous environmental benefits to the conversion:
  • Reduced erosion of the channel and lessen sediment movement to Oasis Pond
  • Improved and protected the water quality of Oasis Pond
  • Reduced local flooding issues 
Further info on the background of the ditch, project development and assessments related to the ditch project can be found on RCWD website

Related Projects  

Twin Lakes Trail project  A new trail will be constructed over the new pipe to create a non-motorized corridor for residents and adjacent businesses.