Ramsey County Ditch 4 (RCD 4) Project

RCD 4 Project

The City of Roseville and Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) have been looking into improving Ramsey County Ditch 4 (RCD 4). RCWD is the current owner of the drainage system which will be transferred to the City upon the completion of the project. RCD 4 is currently comprised of an open channel between County Road C and Terrace Drive. In some locations the open channel bottom is nearly twenty feet lower than the surrounding area, with steep side slopes. Open channel side slopes this steep that are not armored are highly susceptible to erosion and bank failures as evidence by bank sloughing and blow-outs along this portion of RCD 4 in recent years. In severe cases, bank failures can create ongoing maintenance needs, damage structures, infrastructure or property, as well as create safety hazards. The potential for these failures, along with the right-of-way necessary for the Drainage Authority to maintain the open channel, diminishes the developable area of the adjacent parcels based on the required maintenance corridor for excavation of the open ditch and spoil placement. 

The proposed project is to convert the open channel into a 84” diameter pipe.  By converting the channel to a pipe, the city can better utilize the corridor to connect County Road C to Terrace Drive.  There are also numerous environmental benefits to the conversion:
  • Reduce erosion of the channel and lessen sediment movement to Oasis Pond
  • Improve and protect the water quality of Oasis Pond
  • Reduce local flooding issues 
Further info on the background of the ditch, project development and assessments related to the ditch project can be found on RCWD website

Related Projects  

Twin Lakes Trail project  A new trail will be constructed over the new pipe to create a non-motorized corridor for residents and adjacent businesses.  


Work on the project began in late April.  All pipe work is completed.  Trail improvement and restoration over the new pipe is ongoing.  All work on the project is anticipated to be completed by September 2021.


No road closures are anticipated in the near future.