Youth Sports

Roseville Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of youth sports throughout the year. There is sure to be a sport or specialty sports camp to get your participant active all year round!

  1. Summer
  2. Fall
  3. Winter
  4. Spring


  • Instructional program for girls and boys, ages 6-14

Kicker and Slugger Sport Series 

  • Six week progression program June-August, ages 3-11

Youth Basketball

  • Meets twice a week in June-July, ages 5-10

Youth Kickball

  • Thursdays in June-July, ages 8-11

Youth Track

  • Meets twice a week in June-July, ages 6-15

Youth Tennis Lessons

  • Weekly or bi-weekly lessons, ages 4-10+
  • Parent/Child classes available



Roseville Coaches Camps:

  • Boys and Girls Little Hoopers Camp
  • Raider Boys Basketball Camp
  • Raider Girls Basketball Camp
  • Youth Football Camp
  • Raider High School Football Camp 
  • Girls Volleyball Camp
  • Boys Volleyball Camp
  • Track and Field Camp

Revolutionary Sports Camps:

  • Flag Football Camp
  • Volleyball Camp
  • Quiditch Camp
  • Lacrosse Camp
  • Ninja Warrior Camp
  • Flag Football Camp
  • Disc Golf Camp
  • Multi-Sport Camp
  • Sand Volleyball Camp
Roseville is fortunate to have a variety of Youth Athletic Organizations that are engaged in the development of our youth.  Please visit our Community Organization page to learn more.