Water Efficiency Rebate Program

Rebate Program

To help take control of your irrigation system’s water usage, the City of Roseville, in partnership with the Metropolitan Council and the Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment, is offering up to $300 off your water bill for upgrading/repairing your irrigation system. This water rebate program offers reductions on your water bill for making fixes to your existing irrigation system intended to increase efficiency and reduce water usage.

Homes with automatic irrigation systems can use about 50% more water outdoors than those without them. Older controllers with timer systems can turn on the water when the soil is already at peak moisture and even in the rain. Broken sprinkler heads leak or spray water on to pavement surfaces where the water runs into the stormwater system. 

How to Qualify?

  • Existing homes with irrigation systems are eligible for this rebate. New homes are not eligible.
  • The following types of WaterSense® labelledirrigation equipment is eligible for a 50% rebate on a future water bill, up to a total of $300:
    • Irrigation controllers - a thermostat for your lawn, it uses local weather data to determine when and how much to water, reducing waste and improving plant health. Learn more on the WaterSense website.
    • Sprinkler heads - damaged sprinkler heads can leak or spray water on to paved surfaces, where the water isn’t doing your plants any good. Replacement heads qualify for the rebate. Learn more on the WaterSense website.
    • If you are in doubt, please contact staff to confirm your purchase would qualify.
  • Itemized Receipts must be included with the application. Date of purchase must be January 1, 2021 or later to qualify.
  • A Photo of the installed equipment must be included with the application.

How to Find WaterSense® Labelled Equipment?

WaterSense® labelled equipment can be foundWaterSenseLabel at hardware stores and online websites. The EPA has a large list of WaterSense® products to choose from.

The city is not responsible for product performance or water savings, no warranty or guarantee is provided.

How to Apply?

After you have purchased and installed your irrigation controller or sprinkler heads, take a photo, fill out the form (link below) and submit to the City of Roseville with your receipt. 

Qualifying rebates will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Funding is limited, so apply soon!


**Receipt and installation photo must be submitted for the application to be deemed complete**

Funding for the Water Efficiency Rebate Program is Provided by the Following Partners: