2022 Roseville City Visioning Process

The City of Roseville Request for Proposals (RFP) for Community-Wide Visioning Process is now closed.

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The City of Roseville, Minnesota invites proposals from qualified consultants to conduct a community-wide visioning process.

The City of Roseville seeks to retain a highly qualified consultant experienced in public participation methods and facilitation with diverse stakeholders. The visioning process must be inclusive and reach a broad audience with the use of innovative and inclusive public participation efforts. A variety of effective approaches must be included to ensure engagement with and participation by a broad and deep cross section of the community. The consultant will have experience with the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) foundations, planning and techniques; experience facilitating workshops and focus groups; as well as other strategies aimed at capturing widespread public input.

In 2006, a community-wide visioning process resulted in the Imagine Roseville 2025 report and the development of Community Aspirations. As the demographics of the community have changed since 2006, the City wishes to conduct a comprehensive public participation process to collaborate with stakeholders to determine if the current Community Aspirations are relevant and appropriate and make any additions or revisions as necessary. Additionally, the city is seeking to collaborate with stakeholders to develop and prioritize specific outcomes that will demonstrate the City is achieving the Community Aspirations. The City Council has indicated the importance of collaboration with stakeholders to establish a foundation for the City’s Strategic Plan for the next 10-year period.

The final day for consultant questions is May 27, at 3:00 p.m. RFP proposals are due June 10, at 12:00 p.m.

​Request for Proposal (RFP) Consultant Questions

To submit questions for your RFP submission, email Rebecca.Olson@CityofRoseville.com

1. Is there a budget or budget range for this project? 

A: Currently the City has budgeted $100,000 for a complete Visioning process. This includes items such as engagement, materials, staff time, etc. 

2. Is there a page limitation for the proposal? 

A: There is no page limitation for the proposal.

3. Would you like us to provide 3 references of work similar to this project? 

A: Provide the following information for no more than three (3) projects similar to the scope of the work described above that have been completed or are in progress by members of the project team. 
  • Name of Jurisdiction
  • Brief description of the work completed
  • Year completed Reference (name, title, phone number and email address)

4. What is the desired timeframe for this project (beginning July 18)? 

A: We have not identified a specific timeframe for this project. We are asking respondents to provide their own recommended timeline to ensure they can achieve the goals and deliverables outlined in the RFP. 

Based upon the RFP, the visioning process should shape the Roseville Community Aspirations and assist in development and prioritization of specific outcomes to aide in assessing achievement. Do you anticipate a document that updates, revises or maintains the eight approved community aspirations, prioritized with identified outcomes as a metric for successful achievement?
A. Yes, this is correct.  The Community Aspirations should be either affirmed, updated, or revised based on community feedback. Specifically, the outcomes, which will tell us if we are making progress toward our aspirations, should be directly informed by the community.  

6. And if read correctly, this information will be used to compile an update to the Imagine Roseville 2025 strategic plan? 
A. The Imagine Roseville 2025 document can be used as a template and/or starting place, but would not necessarily need to be part of a final document.

7. We have reviewed the evaluative criteria for the proposal. Do you anticipate that partial points may be awarded in each category, for example if there is a partnership/teaming with a Minority-owned business or DBE?
A. Yes, we would be considering whether a consultant is teaming up with others with a minority owned business, or DBE, etc, and partial points would be an option as well.

8. Your request states that your project will start on July 18, 2022.  We noted that you began the Imagine Roseville 2025, process in 2006 kicking off the process with the previous consultant in May of 2006 and wrapping up in December of the same year.  Please clarify the time frame expectations for the current project (i.e., completion date, any other milestones or significant events/dates that will need to be considered).

A. We have intentionally left the timeframe open. We are interested in different perspectives on timeline with a project scope as outlined in the RFP looks like. However, ideally, this project would wrap up and allow for enough time in 2023 to work through a Strategic Plan as the next phase.

9. From what we can see, Roseville has invested a great deal of time and energy into the Imagine Roseville 2025 project in hope of realizing substantive, meaningful and useful guidelines to inform future decisions for the community of Roseville.  As leaders, what are you hoping to leverage from the strides you have made, and the previous strategic work that has been done?  Are you looking to build on what has already been done and accomplished, or are you starting from a completely new and fresh perspective?

A. The Imagine Roseville 2025 process occurred in 2006, and since that time our community has undergone some significant demographic changes. We are open to hearing what the community would like to do, whether that is to continue to build upon the Imaging Roseville 2025 work, or to start anew. The goal is to allow the community to guide this process. 

10. Is Roseville looking to replicate the previous approach to community visioning?  (i.e., 10 major sessions, several 100 people, solicit commit participation, etc.) What are the hopes for engagement? Number of sessions-same, fewer, more?  Face-2-face vs. virtual? Number of participants? 

A. The approach should be determined based on the ability to engage and connect with a broad spectrum of participants, particularly those who are historically under-engaged. There should be a variety of options to participate in this process, both in-person and virtually in order to capture a large pool of participants. The number of sessions and people engaged should be representative of our current demographics based on several criteria (i.e. race, age, ability, housing, income, etc.)

11. What did you appreciate about the previous process and outcomes?

A. The previous approach occurred prior to quite a few staff members and council members being in their current roles. The Goals and Strategies outlined in the report helped inform the Community Aspirations. These aspirations are what will drive the next phase of developing a Strategic Plan so we want to ensure they are what the community aspires to be, and to learn what our community says are key indicators that will tell us if we are achieving the aspirations. 

12. What does a successful end product look like for your team and the community?

A. A successful end product will include a broad representation of community input into what our Community Aspirations should be. The community will develop  a consensus around the outcomes for each aspiration that they believe will demonstrate the city is achieving that specific aspiration. 

Policy Objective

The city’s approved Strategic Racial Equity Action Plan (SREAP) as well as the city’s Racial Equity Narrative detail the city’s commitment to providing an inclusive community. Part of that includes improving engagement, and participation among community members, developing relationships and increasing collaboration with community leaders and organizations, following through on lessons learned through community members by committing to listen, learn and implement improved methods and practices to better serve the needs of all in the community. The objective is to ensure that the City’s strategic vision is directly informed by the Roseville community.

View the Request for Proposal (PDF).

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