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Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) 

Frequently Asked Questions

 What should I do if I get a NEP door hanger notification?

The door hanger will provide specific information concerning the circumstances on your property that could become a problem or are a violation of City Code. The best course of action is to correct the circumstances described on the door hanger. If you need clarification or additional information you are encouraged to call the phone number or send an email to the contact listed on the door hanger.

A yellow door hanger from the Neighborhood Enhancement Program

 If I receive a door hanger does that mean I am being fined?

 No. The purpose of the door hanger is to notify you of the circumstances on your property that could become a problem or are a violation of City Code so you can correct them prior to involvement with Code Enforcement.

 What will happen if I receive an NEP notification and I don’t do anything to correct the stated concern?

 First, you will receive follow up notification through the mail. If the conditions remain uncorrected without any communication or a plan to correct them, it could be elevated to a Code Enforcement case.

 What if I don’t have the resources or know how to correct the concern?

Contact City staff at 651-792-7014 or and we may be able to provide information to help you.

Will the NEP Inspector come onto my property to inspect it?

The NEP inspector will view properties only from right-of-way, and/or public access parking lots. The only reason the inspector would go onto your property would be to leave the door hanger.

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How long will I have to address the concerns identified?

The NEP door hanger will specify the time frame required to address the identified concern (typically 5, 10 or 30 days, depending on the type of concern). There can however be situations that constitute an immediate threat and immediate action to mitigate the danger to the public. 

How do I know that my vehicles meet the proper licensure requirements to be stored outside?

Vehicles (including boats, motorcycles, and trucks) required by state statute to be licensed must display current licensure from the State of MN. For example, if the month/year combination of the tabs on your vehicle’s license plates are a month/year combination that has passed, your vehicle is not displaying current licensure. 

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