Room Usage Policy


The rooms of the Roseville Skating Center shall be used to provide community social, recreational and public interest activities and to provide financial support for the operation of the Roseville Skating Center.

No Smoking

There will be no smoking allowed in any space at the Roseville Skating Center. This is consistent with City of Roseville ordinance.


The scheduling policy shall include the following priority ranking: City of Roseville activities. Monday through Thursday, Roseville community groups (groups affiliated with Roseville Parks and Recreation or who have 50% or more Roseville members, who have scheduled at least 3 months in advance.) For major uses, community groups may be re-scheduled to another facility with at least two weeks notice. (These groups are not charged for meetings.) Friday through Sunday, rental groups. Friday through Sunday, community groups scheduled no less than 1 week in advance.

Rental Rates

There shall be two categories of rates. Roseville citizens and Roseville businesses shall be in Group I. All others shall be in group II. Rates shall be reviewed annually as part of the City of Roseville budget process.

Food & Beverage

All rental groups providing food and beverage (alcohol and non-alcohol) at the Roseville Skating Center will be allowed to use any licensed and insured caterer for the Roseville Skating Center. Catering fees will be paid to the Roseville Skating Center by the user group according to the rates set by the City.

Preferred Caterer List
Roseville Skating Center has an open catering policy- rental groups are NOT limited to this list. Rather, the list   is to provide rental groups with possible options of caterers who are familiar with our facility. 

Liquor Policy

The City of Roseville allows liquor to be dispensed within the Roseville Skating Center under the following conditions:
  1. Beverage alcohol can be served and consumed in the community rooms only when approved by the Director (or designee) of Parks and Recreation. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL is allowed outside the community rooms. The no alcohol areas include the game room, Arena, OVAL and all lounge and locker room areas. Beverage alcohol can be dispensed only to person‘s twenty-one years of age or older that are attending the event for which the liquor is being served.
  2. Any deviation from the above policy will result in the forfeiture of all fees and permanent suspension from using the Skating Center facilities. Any violation of this policy and other Roseville, State of Minnesota or Federal laws by the caterer may result in a cancellation of the contract with the caterer. Any caterer with a state license or a liquor license in a community that physically adjoins Roseville may serve alcohol. A copy of the legal license and dram shop insurance must be on file with the Roseville Skating Center 2 weeks prior to the event. No exceptions. List of adjoining communities for liquor license:Arden Hills, Falcon Heights,Lauderdale, Little Canada,Maplewood,Minneapolis, New Brighton,St. Anthony, St. Paul,or Shoreview
  3. At all events where alcohol is served, an off duty Roseville Police Officer must be hired and in attendance from the time the bar opens until it closes and all alcohol is either consumed or disposed.
  4. The renter will pay the hourly costs of the Police Officer. Payment will be in the form of cashier’s check, money order or cash.

Rental Deposit, Final Payments, & Refund Policy

A reservation is not guaranteed until the damage deposit OR deposit of 50% of the total room rental cost is received. Reservations will not be accepted without the required deposit. The remaining balance of the rental fee is due no less than thirty (30) days prior to the event.

The renter may cancel a reservation by giving written notice to the Roseville Skating Center. Written notice received thirty-one (31) days or more prior to the date of the event, will be eligible for a 50% refund of deposit. Any rentals cancelled 30 or fewer days prior to scheduled rental will forfeit rental fee & deposit.


Deposit is due at the time of booking. Pending a post-event review by staff, the deposit will be refunded within 14 days of the event. The Director of Parks and Recreation (or designee) may waive the damage deposit.


The signing individual shall be liable for all conduct of their group. This includes any damage, loss or breakage as a result of this conduct. Groups may be required to provide a certificate of insurance naming the City of Roseville as additional insured.

Hours of Operation

The Roseville Skating Center rooms may be rented from 8 a.m. to midnight, unless otherwise authorized by the Director of Parks and Recreation (or designee).

Operating Regulations

Specific operating rules and regulations for the purpose of insuring the health and safety of users and staff and the protection of the Skating Center facilities and equipment will be developed and published by the Director of Parks and Recreation. These rules and regulations will be in compliance with all City, State or Federal laws and consistent with other City policies unless specifically modified in this document.

Set Up

Standard table and chair configuration for the Roseville Skating Center rooms consist of 5-ft round tables with 6 or 8 chairs based on renter request. 6-ft and 8-ft rectangular tables also available to provide classroom, boardroom or U-shape set-ups. Skating Center offers customized floor plans; 1-week notice is required for custom set-ups. 


Groups are welcome to bring in their own decorations, all decoration set-up and tear-down MUST be within reservation time. Most streamers, balloons and table center pieces are acceptable, but must be cleaned up. ABSOLUTELY NO glitter, confetti, play dough, silly string, unsecured helium balloons or pinatas allowed. 


Adequate and appropriate staff will be provided to insure cleanliness, safety and customer satisfaction. This may include regular, temporary or contract employees. Staffing may not be included for certain non-fee events; this shall be determined by the Director of Parks and Recreation (or designee).

Kitchen Policy

Through rental of the catering kitchen it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the kitchen is returned to the state in which it was found. Responsibilities of renter when using the catering kitchen include:
  • User of kitchen must be a licensed caterer and must provide proof of caterer license and insurance to the Roseville Skating Center at least two weeks prior to scheduled event.
  • Mopping of floor.
  • Washing of all utensils that are property of the Skating Center.
  • Cleaning of stove and oven and turning off gas valve(if used)
  • Cleaning of sinks, refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves.
  • Removal of all garbage.
  • Removal of all items not belonging to the Skating Center by the end of the rental period.
  • Disposal of any garbage above and beyond designated trash receptacles.
If any of the above items are not completed by the end of the scheduled event, the renter could be subject to a loss of the damage deposit.


The renter is responsible for all areas of the Banquet Facility during their scheduled time. These areas and duties include:
  • Rooms rented and ensuring cleanliness by the end of scheduled event (i.e. removal of all items not belonging to the Skating Center).
  • Bathrooms.
  • Kitchen.
  • All items and areas belonging to the Roseville Skating Center.
If any of the above items are damaged and/or not cleaned the renter could be subject to loss of damage deposit. 

The Roseville Skating Center will not be available for rentals on special event dates; dates may include Skating Center events, City of Roseville events and major holidays.