Current Development

Development & Redevelopment Projects

With its central location to both regional downtowns and access to the interstate highway system, Roseville is a great location to grow your existing business or start up a new business. 

Development Activity: September 2017


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Project Type Project Start/
Applewood Pointe Residential under construction 105-unit senior co-op Summer 2016/
​Fall 2017
Farrington Estates Residential under construction 6-lot single-family homes Winter 2016/
Summer 2017
Garden Station Residential under construction 18 attached townhomes Winter 2015/
New Homes Residential under construction 8 single-family homes built by owners Spring 2017/
Winter 2017
Wheaton Woods Residential under construction 17 single-family homes Summer 2016/
Macy's Commercial under construction Interior Remodel Summer 2017/TBD
Herberger's Commercial under construction Interior Remodel Winter 2017/TBD
JC Penney Commercial under construction New entrance Fall 2016/
​Spring 2017
Von Maur Commercial under construction New anchor store Spring 2017/Fall 2018
Retail Building Proposed commercial New 9,500 sq ft multi-tenant shell building: 1681 Rice St TBD
Rosedale Shopping Center Commercial under construction Interior remodel, parking deck Summer 2016/