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  1. 2018 Roseville Resident Budget Priorities

    Resident feedback on budget priorities for 2018

  2. Commission Member Application

    Application for consideration for membership on a City of Roseville commission.

  3. Contact City Council
  4. Contact Finance Commission
  5. Contact Parks and Recreation Commission
  6. Contact Police Civil Service Commission
  7. Contact the EDA
  8. Disclosure of Financial Interests
  9. General Inquiry Form
  10. Litter Free Roseville

    Sign up to help keep Roseville litter free

  1. Bees and Pollination

    Online registration for a free educational class by Fruits of the City discussing bees and pollinators.

  2. Contact Administration
  3. Contact Ethics Commission
  4. Contact Human Rights, Inclusion and Engagement Commission
  5. Contact Planning Commission
  6. Contact Public Works, Transportation & Environment Commission
  7. Contact the EDA Staff
  8. Ethics Complaint Form
  9. Human Rights Commission Award
  10. Yardscaping with Fruit

    Online registration for a free educational class by Fruits of the City called Yardscaping with Fruit.


  1. Building Emergency Contact Information

    Fire inspection contact information for businesses

Parks & Recreation

  1. Cedarholm Golf Course Tournament Request

    To begin planning your golf tournament at Cedarholm Golf Course, please complete this form and a member of our professional staff will... More…

  2. Contact Christian Swanberg
  3. Goose Monitoring Report

    Goose Monitoring Report

  4. Summer Performance Series Application

    Application for performers for Roseville's summer entertainment series at the Frank Rog Amphitheatre

  1. Contact Cedarholm Golf Course Clubhouse Replacement Advisory Team

    Questions or comments about the replacement of the clubhouse at Cedarholm Golf Course

  2. Deer Monitoring Report

    Deer Monitoring Report

  3. Skating Center Banquet Room Information Form


  1. Night to Unite Registration Form
  1. Property Watch

    Property Watch is a service offered to Roseville residents who plan to be away from their homes for an extended period of time (one... More…