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Ethics Training Survey

  1. Thank you for taking the time to complete the brief survey regarding the 2018 City of Roseville ethics training. Your feedback will be helpful in shaping future training sessions.
  2. 1. Did you find that the ethics training was useful in helping you better understand your role and responsibility as a commission member?
  3. 2. Did you feel that the training met the stated objectives?
  4. 3. Were you able to take advantage of the ethics training session as an opportunity to meet and network with city staff and other commission members?
  5. 4. Did you find the presenter, City Attorney Mark Gaughan, knowledgeable and informative about the Roseville Ethics Code?
  6. The next section pertains only to the new commission member orientation held prior to the ethics training. Please complete only if you attended the new commission member orientation.
  7. 6. Did you find the new commission member orientation informative and useful?
  8. 7. Was there ample time provided to ask questions that you had regarding being a new commission member?
  9. Thank You!

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