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NEP Feedback Form

  1. 2018 NEP Feedback Form header
  2. Roseville Residents and Business Owners
    You have received this survey because you were contacted in 2018 as part of Roseville's Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP). The Roseville Code Enforcement staff would like your feedback about the City's NEP program and the process with which it was conducted.
  3. 1. Have you received a notice of a possible violation by the NEP in past years?
  4. 2. If you have received a notice of a possible violation in past years, was the method of notice more or less efficient in 2018?
  5. What was your opinion of the 2018 method of notice (door hanger)?
  6. Was the Property Maintenance Brochure sent by the city prior to the start of 2018 NEP inspections helpful?
  7. Did you find the time frame to correct violations satisfactory?
  8. Did you contact City staff for clarification or assistance with the reported violation(s)?
  9. If you did contact the City, did you find the information provided helpful?
  10. What is your opinion, in general, of Roseville’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP)?
  11. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We appreciate the strong community support for the City’s effort to promote greater awareness of the value and benefits of maintaining our neighborhoods and quality business areas.
  12. For program updates, visit us at

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