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Temporary Waiver for Outdoor Business Activities during COVID-19

  1. Background
    On May 26, 2020, the Roseville City Council adopted Resolution 11708, allowing businesses to be granted temporary waivers to certain City Code requirements to promote physical and social distancing for business and faith organization activities during the COVID-19 health pandemic. Fill in the information below to be added to the waiver list.
  2. City Code Waivers
    Choose one or more types of waivers being sought:
  3. Outdoor Liquor Sales
    Please contact Deputy City Clerk Katie Bruno by email or call 651-792-7023 if selecting this option.
  4. Acknowledgement*
    I acknowledge that I have reviewed City of Roseville Resolution 11708 and have prepared Traffic Management and Fire Safety Plans, which will be made available to the Police and/or Fire Department upon request.
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