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Phase II Programs and Services Feedback Form

  1. Phase II Feedback header
  2. Thank you for taking time to complete this feedback form. The information provided will help the Fire Department develop and provide services and programs important to our residents.
  3. 1. What is your current level of satisfaction with the current fire services provided by the Fire Department?
  4. 2. What is your current level of satisfaction with the current Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provided by the Fire Department?
  5. Fire Department Phase II Program
    The next set of questions relate to your support for different aspects of the Fire Department's Phase II Program.
  6. 1. Phase II in its entirety:
  7. 2. Community Fire Response:
  8. 3. Advanced Life Support First Response:
  9. 4. Enhanced Fire Prevention and Inspections:
  10. 5. Emergency Medical Services Prevention and Community Health Programs:
  11. Do you support the Fire Department's ability to increase firefighter staffing to assure safe and proper emergency response?
  12. Thank You!

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