Tenant Notification Ordinance


On September 20, 2021, the Roseville Economic Development Authority (EDA) issued instructions to create a Tenant Notification ordinance, modeled after similar ordinances used in the cities of New Brighton and Brooklyn Park. 

The purpose of a Tenant Notification ordinance is to provide housing stability, protection, and notification measures to tenants of rental housing during a period of ownership change. The ordinance requires a new owner to pay relocation benefits if the owner takes certain actions during a required three-month notification period and a tenant must move as a result of the new owner’s actions. Roseville’s ordinance requires advance notice to the City before a rental property affordable to lower income households becomes available for sale so that it can make such information available to parties interested in purchasing the property with a goal of keeping rents affordable.

These ordinances have requirements for mandatory relocation assistance if a new owner makes changes to the terms of a tenant's rental agreement within the 90-day notice period. These ordinances may also provide an avenue for the City to intervene to help keep rents affordable. The Tenant Notification ordinance only applies to licensed rental properties (buildings of 5 or more units), as it is the only practical way to enforce the requirements. 


Roseville staff engaged with renters, licensed multi-family property owners and managers, and housing advocates in August and September 2022. The final version was adopted as Ordinance 1619 by the City Council on October 24, 2022.


Adopted Tenant Notification Ordinance (PDF)

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